If Shakespearean Characters Had Tinder Profiles

alex atkins bookshelf literatureAh, romance during the glorious Elizabethan times… Young men and women could marry as early as 14 years old (with parental permission); however the age of consent was 21, when most young people would marry. Following the wedding customs of the nobility, most marriages were arranged to increase the wealth or bring prestige to a family. Consequently, the soon-to-be star-crossed lovers met for the first time at the wedding altar, avoiding the foolishness and frivolity (not to mention the expense) of a long-drawn-out courtship. Get thee to the altar!

O brave new world — the Age of Google… Well, a lot has changed in 400 years. Today, young people throw caution and parental advice out the window and meet one another via Tinder, a location-based social app that allows singles (and sometimes married people masquerading as singles) to be matched and chat with one another. What happens after that introductory chat is left to fate… perhaps all’s well that ends well. Of course, many parents are clueless about Tinder — they think it is some sort of reading app (perhaps because it sounds like Kindle). 

However, if you are literary-minded, it prompts the question: what if Shakespearean characters had Tinder profiles. Over in the SparkNotes community, Klara Steeves and Chelsea Aaron, channeled the Swan of Avon to come up with Tinder profiles for some of his most enduring characters:

Hamlet, 30
I spend a lot of time thinking about the unknowable void of death and how it makes cowards of us all; Chipotle burritos, murdering my stepdad.

Iago, 28
Turn-ons: plotting, scheming, general villainy. Turn-offs: honesty, loyalty, a moral compass.

Lady Macbeth, 30
My style: moto jackers, crop tops, dresses stained with the blood of my enemies; if you’re not down with some casual regicide, swipe left.

Puck, 21
Outdoor sleepovers are my jam. Classic blunder: challenging me to a prank war. If you end up with a donkey head, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Romeo, 16
Trying to find my ride-or-die, not here for hookups. My ideal woman is down to get married within 24 hours of meeting me. Bonus points if your family is currently in a blood feud with mine.

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For further reading: http://community.sparknotes.com/2017/06/30/if-shakespeare-characters-had-tinder/?src=study

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