Day Jobs of Famous Musicians 2

alex atkins bookshelf musicBefore they packed concert halls and stadiums around the globe, many musicians held rather typical, boring — and sometimes very unusual jobs — early in their careers to make ends meet. They went from humble jobs that paid a few dollars an hour to earning millions of dollars per year. Not a bad career path. The inspirational lesson here is: early jobs in life should not define you — nor limit you; dream big. Here is a list of famous musicians and the jobs they had before they became wealthy and famous.

James Brown: worked at a shoe shine stand
Jeff Buckley: hotel receptionist
Kurt Cobain: janitor
Phil Collins: movie extra
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden): Cleaning fish guts at Seattle fish markets
Jonathan Davis (Korn): embalmer at funeral home
Snoop Dogg: grocery bagger
Fergie (Black Eyed Peas): voiceover
Boy George: grocery bagger
Nick Hammer (Death Cab for Cutie): sanitation worker
Jon Bon Jovi: assembled Christmas decorations day
B.B. King: tractor
Nicki Minaj: waitress
Alanis Morissette: envelope stuffer
Morrissey: office clerk
Keith Richards: ballboy at a tennis club
Gene Simmons: assistant to a fashion magazine editor
Eddie Van Halen: painted addresses on sidewalk curbs
Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam): security guard at a hotel

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