Words That Don’t Exist for Feelings That Do

alex atkins bookshelf wordsEver experience dyscommunicata? You know, when you are feeling something but can’t find the precise word or words to describe it. Join the club — specifically Eden Sher’s club. Sher is an actress and voiceover artist that spent most of her life frustrated that she could not describe her feelings with words, resorting to loud, emotional outbursts. Although acting turned out to be wonderful therapy for this malady, it wasn’t enough. It was when she discovered writing shortly after a bad breakup that she decided to deal with her dyscommunicata productively. After exploring her “extensive personal inventory of highly irrational feelings” she realized she could write a dictionary of words that do not exist for feelings that do — an emotionary. Here are some highlights from this brilliant reference work for modern times:

Adrenaflate: to mistake intensity for love.

Ambiviculty: the anxiety of having to make a decision.

Anticipation: anxiety for an impending fight.

Blatharsis: the sensation of having a revelatory cathartic moment, only to realize later that it did not mean anything.

Departophobia: the anxiety of having to say goodby.

Illogimote: to feel in a way that contradicts or undermines one’s intellectual understanding of something.

Sadisfaction: the triumph of being wronged by others.

Solopsess: to harbor emotions about an embarrassing event that everyone else has forgotten.

Unimflate: to disappoint someone by not having the reaction that they had hoped to evoke from you.

Vindesperation: the immediate urge to redeem oneself after realizing what one should have said or done a moment too late.

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One response to “Words That Don’t Exist for Feelings That Do

  • TheChattyIntrovert

    Ah yes, I’m a long time sufferer of this–and now I know the name of it. Thank you! That’s probably the reason I haven’t done much writing the past several months, because even with a head full of ideas and scenes with characters doing things, when it comes to describing what my mind is seeing on paper, I can never describe it right, never in a way to do it justice. I need to find a good descriptive writing class somewhere (more than creative). Hmm…

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