Toys From Your Childhood That Are Worth a Fortune

alex atkins bookshelf triviaDecades ago, before the advent of the Internet, your parents stood patiently in line at toy and electronic stores to buy you the must-have gifts from your holiday wish list. They treasured the thrilled look on your face when you opened the gift, and you appreciated all the time you spent playing with that gift. Then, as your enthusiasm for the toy ebbed, it found its way under your bed or in a closet. Months or years later those beloved toys found their way to the garage or attic in order to make room for all of your new stuff. Little did you know, that some of these toys, like a retirement fund, would appreciate so dramatically over the years. Thanks to commerce sites like Ebay and Amazon Marketplace, it is easy to find out which toys increased in value. Once you find out how much they can be worth, you will be scrambling to your garage or attic to find those long-forgotten toys. It’s like winning the toy lotto. Here are some of the values of toys and collectibles (eg., comics, cards, and books) from decades ago that are worth a small fortune today.

Action Comics No. 1, introducing Superman (1938): $3.2 million

Monopoly Game, original (1933): $146, 500

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beach Bomp prototype (1969): $125,000

Pokemon Pikachu card: $100,000

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, first edition: $56,000

Pez Dispenser, Astronaut B (1982): $32,000

Magic: The Gathering, Alpha Black Lotus card: $27,000

Luke Skywalker Action Figure (1978): $25,000

Where the Wild Things Are, first edition: $25,000

Barbie, first edition (1959): $23,000

G.I. Joe Mobile Command Headquarters: $17,000

Beauty and the Beast VHS tape, Black Diamond edition: $9,000

Pokemon Cards, first edition sets: $4,600 to $8,700

Beanie Baby, Peanut Royal Blue Elephant: $5,000

American Girl Molly Doll: $5,000

Princess of Power, She-Ra and Swift Wind: $4,000

Fisher Price Push Cart Pete (1936): $3,000

Lego train sets: $1,000 to $3,000

Beanie Baby, Wingless Quacker: $1,800

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series: $1,100 to $1,500

Nintendo Game Boy (1989): $750 to $1,500

Transformer Action Figures, Megatron or Optimus Prime: $750 to $1,000

Garbage Pail Kids Collectible Cards: $1,000

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