Towns with Christmas-Related Names in America

alex atkins bookshelf triviaFor many Americans, Christmas is their favorite holiday. The holidays usher in an entire suite of time-honored traditions, like decorating the Christmas tree, hanging Christmas lights, mailing Christmas cards, and so forth. But no one does Christmas like the residents of Santa Claus, Indiana who voted on Christmas eve in 1852 to name the town Santa Claus. The town’s claim to fame is that it is the only town in the world with a post office officially named “Santa Claus.” Every year since 1914, an army of residents (called “Santa’s Elves) volunteer to open and respond to the more than 4 million letters that get mailed here. And each year, the post office holds a contest to choose a unique Christmas hand-cancellation mark that has been designed by a student who attends one of the local high schools.

The town, with a population of 2,463, is adjacent to three lakes, appropriately named Christmas Lake, Lake Noel, and Holly Lake. On December 25 1935, a 22-foot tall statue of Santa Claus was dedicated on one of the town’s tallest hills. There are two inscriptions at the base of the statue; there front panel reads “Dedicated to the children of the world in memory of an undying love.” An adjacent panel reads: “Life Hath Given Thee Nothing More Sweet Than The Patter of Little Feet Across Thy Floor.” The Santa statue is considered to be the oldest Santa statue in the world.

Naturally, the streets have Christmas-themed names, like Dasher Lane, Dancer Lane, Prancer Drive, Vixen Lane… you get the idea. Another of the town’s claims to fame are the many Christmas themed attractions. Industrialist Louis Koch built the first theme park in the world in 1946. It was originally named Santa Claus Land, however, the park grew and expanded its attraction over the years. In 1984, the name was changed to Holiday World & Splashing’ Safari. One of its rides, The Voyage, is considered one of the world’s best wooden roller coasters. The town still boasts several other Christmas-related attractions, such as Santa’s Candy Castle, the Santa Claus Museum, Frosty’s Fun Center, and Santa’s Stables.

Although Christmas Indiana is unique in its dedication to Christmas, there are several other cities and towns in the United States that have Christmas-related names with corresponding events and traditions devoted to the cherished holiday season:

Christmas, Arizona

Christmas, Florida

Christmas, Kentucky

Christmas, Michigan

Christmas, Mississippi

Christmas City, Utah

Christmas Cove, Maine

Christmas Valley, Oregon

Christmasville, Tennessee

Noel, Louisiana

Noel, Missouri

Holiday, Florida

Holiday Hills, Illinois

Santa, Idaho

Santa Claus, Arizona

Santa Claus, Georgia

Santa Claus, Indiana

Saint Nicholas, Florida

Saint Nicholas, Michigan

Saint Nicholas, Minnesota

Saint Nicholas, Pennsylvania

North Pole, Alaska

North Pole, Idaho

North Pole, New York

North Pole, Oklahoma

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