Words for Superior Persons

alex atkins bookshelf wordsPeter Bowler is the quintessential word lover. He is the author of the successful logophile cult classics The Superior Person’s Book of Words (Volumes 1-3) that sold more than one million copies. The goal of these books were to provide readers with “constantly edifying and unfailingly highfalutin words that are guaranteed to provide the quotidian man on the street with new and better verbal weapons.” Here are some gems from those lexical treasure chests:

aasvogel: a vulture

battology: the constant repetition of the same words or phrases in writing or speech; for example: “like,” “literally,” “believe me”

dandiprat: a silly child

doxy: a prostitute; or a belief or religious doctrine [now that’s what you call a paradox!]

farraginous: having the characteristics of a mixture or hodgepodge

fopdoddle: an insignificant fool

jobation:  a lengthy, tedious scolding

opsimath: one who learns late in life

pilgarlic: a bald-headed man

Qhythsontyd: an obsolete form of Pentecost, the seventh Sunday after Easter

slubberdegullion: a dirty, wretched slob

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For further reading: The Superior Person’s Complete Book of Words by Peter Bowler

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