Songs that Inspire: Don’t Let the Moment Pass

alex atkins bookshelf music“Youth has its glory,” wrote Lois Kaufman in The Ageless Soul, “but it is only as we begin to grow older that we can fully appreciate the fullness that life has to offer. We have gained  more freedom and flexibility, and the opportunity to venture into fields that perhaps never seemed to be available to us before. New perspectives bring new challenges and new successes well. We do not worry so much about failure, because we have learned to persevere. This is the ‘daylight saving time’ of life, the time to take advantage of every hour, and to give meaning to every minute.” It is this realization that was the inspiration for Eric Woolfson’s beautiful and poignant ballad, “Don’t Let the Moment Pass” from the stage musical Freudiana, based on the life of Sigmund Freud, that premiered in Vienna in 1990. Woolfson’s timeless metaphorical lyrics and lush orchestration paired with Marti Webb’s tender and, at the song’s crescendo, soaring vocals delivers a song that is sure to touch your soul. It is no wonder why the song is often played at weddings, celebrating the importance of love and living each moment to the fullest.

Progressive rock fans may recognize the name Woolfson. Woolfson (1945-2009) was one of the founders of the very innovative progressive rock band, the Alan Parsons Project (APP), that sold more than 50 million albums worldwide — without ever going on tour. The music from the musical was released on the album Freudiana. The original material for Freudiana was to be for APP’s 11th studio album, however due to creative differences with Alan Parsons, Woolfson, and Brian Bolly, a frequent collaborator of Andrew Lloyd Weber, adapted the songs for a musical. Alan Parsons wrote one song on Freudiana and produced the album. Several guest vocalists that collaborated on many prior APP albums also sang on the album. Another APP song with a similar theme (the wisdom of age), and equally as beautiful, is “Old and Wise” from the Eye in the Sky album (1982), featuring the powerful vocals of Colin Blunstone and soulful saxophone work by legendary Mel Collins.

Below are the lyrics of “Don’t Let the Moment Pass” from the album Freudiana.

Don’t Let the Moment Pass by Eric Woolfson

This golden day will be mine
For every moment in time
If time should lose her way

A symphony in the night
Of stars that dance in the light
And music far away

They say that love is but a dance
Don’t let the music fade away
Don’t let the moment pass

Without reason or rhyme
The sweet bouquet of the wine
Will vanish in the air

The innocence of the rose
She leaves where she goes
For all the world to share

Some days when clouds are drifting by
I open my eyes and watch them go
And wonder where they fly

Some nights Orion runs too fast
I look to the stars as if to say
Don’t let the moment pass

But soon a golden age is past
Just when it seemed that miracles
Where not too much to ask

And though the world may turn too fast
If it should seem like paradise
Don’t let the moment pass

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The song can be heard here:

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