How Many Parts Are Needed to Build an Airplane?

alex atkins bookshelf triviaIt’s one thing to build a model airplane out of balsa wood, Lego bricks, or even a detailed plastic model kit. (Remember that awful-smelling glue?) But to build a real airplane — like a 737, 747 or an A380 — takes enough parts to make your head spin: 3 to 7 million individual parts! The Boeing Company is one of the world’s largest and most efficient manufacturers of airplanes. It employs more than 158,000 workers. The Boeing factory located in Everett, Washington, takes about 83 days to build a 777. The timeline breaks down like this:
Time to manufacture: 49 days
Painting: 4 days
Flight testing: 30 days

Over at Boeing’s factory in Renton, near Seattle, workers can build a 737 in nine days. Each month, the factory assembles 42 planes per month with a workforce of 9,800 people. Since 1967, Boeing has manufactured more than 6,700 737s for clients around the globe.

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