The Most Clever Boat Names

alex atkins bookshelf wordsIf you spend enough time behind the steering wheel of a car, you know that you can amuse yourself from time to time by reading some clever vanity license plates. Due to the limitation of characters (typically 7-10) and number of naming restrictions, many license plates are more like challenging word puzzles that take some time to decipher. For example, it is easy to figure out that a plate with the letters “CHWBCA” means Chewbacca, the lovable Wookie from Star Wars; however “VTHKOLM” is a bit tougher — it stands for “Fifth Column.” Duh! (In fact, deciphering vanity plates is such a skill, it became the premise for a short-lived game show called Bumper Stumpers in the late 1980s).

But sailing the high seas is a different situation altogether. Naming a boat doesn’t have as many restrictions as vanity plates. Of course, seamen need to keep it clean: no profanities and no racial slurs. Boat names are only limited by a boat owner’s creativity and sense of humor. Depending on your perspective, the names that boat owners come up with are very funny, punny, naughty (or should we say “knotty”), weird, or witty. Nevertheless, many of them will bring a smile to your face. Here are some of the most clever boat names:


Bacon in the Sun

Bare-a Cooter


Berth Control

Breaking Bass

The Godfather


Docked Wages

Dock Holiday

Eat Ship and Die

Fifty Shades of Cray

Filthy Oar

Fish ‘n Chicks


Hell on Reels

In Decent Seas

In Deep Ship

Knot On Call

Knot Paid For

Knot Shore

Marlin Monroe

Master Baiter

Mike Roe Wave

Morning Wood

Nauti Boy

Piece of Ship


Reel Time

Row vs. Wade


She Got the House


Ships ‘n Giggles

Tax Sea-vation

Titan Uranus

Usain Boat

Wasted Seamen

Wet Dream

What’s Up Doc?

Wife Evader

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