The $30,000 Limited Edition Ferrari Book

alex atkins bookshelf booksIn October 2018, German publishing firm Taschen will debut their latest limited-edition book, Ferrari (Art Edition), for $30,000. The 514-page large format book, measuring 12.7 by 17 inches, features hand-stitched red leather covers adorned with a silver Ferrari logo and is limited to 250 copies. Even more remarkable is the book’s case, designed by industrial designer Marc Newson, made from aluminum, to mimic the red head valve covers of a Ferrari V-12 engine. The metal case, in turn, rests on a chrome stand that resembles — what else? — the exhaust pipes of a vintage Ferrari 12-cylinder race car. Think of it this way: it is expensive as a low-end car, but you can’t drive it. The book features stunning photos from the Ferrari archives, including many previously unpublished photographs, sketches, and rare documents.

If you cannot afford the $30,000 Art Edition, Taschen will be publishing a more affordable version, the Collector’s Edition, for a mere $6,000. That edition will come with the red aluminum case, but not the elaborate stand. Interestingly, $30,000 for a limited edition Ferrari book is a steal, when you consider that in 2011, the legendary car company published a very rare and expensive book, The Official Ferrari Opus, that featured the Ferrari logo encrusted with 30 diamonds for a staggering $275,000. Now that’s what you call sticker shock.

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