What are the Most and Least Visited States in America?

alex atkins bookshelf triviaQuick — which state in America attracts the most tourists? The top most visited states in America are: California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, New York, Virgina, South Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, and Hawaii. It makes sense: California is the country’s largest state with a wide range of tourist attractions. In addition to its natural beauty (coastlines, beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, National Parks, etc), it has some of the world’s most famous landmarks and destinations: the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite, Hollywood, Disneyland,  and Napa Valley — to name a few. Each year, California hosts more than 250 million visitors. And how much money does that bring in? A whopping $126.3 billion in 2016, according to the state’s tourism agency.

Naturally, the list of the most visited states invites the question: what are the least visited states. At the bottom of the list are: Nebraska, Delaware, Iowa, North Dakota, Kansas, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Iowa. Recently, in an earnest attempt to encourage tourism to the least visited state, Nebraska, the optimistic members of the Nebraska Tourism Commission hired brand consultants to come up with a catchy, compelling slogan. Here’s the best they could come up with: “Nebraska: Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” Seriously.

The writers of at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert could not resists lampooning this self-deprecating tourism slogan. On the October 19 show, Stephen Colbert wondered if the consultants, who found that “most consumers don’t consider Nebraska to be a leisure travel destination” were with the firm of “No Shit & Sherlock.” He then expressed genuine concern for the state: “Nebraska, are you OK? Seriously, it seems like you could use a vacation to not Nebraska.” “I know what they are trying to do here,” he explained, “they are trying to charm us with brutal honesty. And I get that. But being honest about something bad doesn’t really make it better.” He went on to share new tourism slogans for some of the other least-visited states:

North Dakota: “You can’t visit all 50 states without visiting North Dakota”

South Dakota: “When North Dakota’s full”

Arkansas: “Two more letters than Kansas”

Missouri: “Remember us?”

Utah: “Utah backwards is Hatu — is that something?”

Ohio: “You can afford Cavs tickets now!”

Vermont: “Not gonna win any awards for best state or nothin but have you seen New Hampshire?”

Delaware: “Are we even a place?”

Rhode Island: “At least it’ll be over quickly!”

New Mexico: “Turquoise and cow skulls, a combination we made up”

New Jersey: “Look, we’re not happy about it either”

What other tourism slogans should exist for the least visited states?

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For further reading: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-most-visited-states-in-the-us.html

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