The Struggle for Verbal Consciousness is a Great Part of Life

alex atkins bookshelf quotations“Man struggles with his unborn needs and fulfillment. New unfoldings struggle up in torment in him, as buds struggle forth the midst of a plant. Any man of real individuality tries to know and to understand what is happening, even in him­self, as he goes along. This struggle for verbal consciousness should not be left out in art. It is a very great part of life. It is not superimposition of a theory. It is the passionate struggle into conscious being.”

From Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence. In the novel, an introspective school inspector, Rupert Birkin, based on the author himself, attempts to achieve authentic selfhood by reconciling the dualistic struggle for fulfilling his passions and the struggle for self-knowledge (passion vs intellect). Lawrence had written Women in Love as part of a larger novel; however the publisher, Thomas Seltzer, decided to publish them as two separate novels. The first, The Rainbow, was published in 1915; the second, Women in Love, was published in 1920. Due to the sexual content of the novels that upset the delicate sensibilities of the time, both were considered very controversial and banned for several years. Despite that controversy, legendary literary critic Harold Bloom believes that Women in Love is one of the most important and influential in Western culture.

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