Things That Annoy Book Lovers

alex atkins bookshelf booksDedicated book lovers have a profound respect for books. On one level, they appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that has gone into producing a beautifully designed book. In this respect, it is no different than any piece of art. It can be seen and held. On another level, it represents an intellectual or fantastic journey; the book is a portal to a realm of new ideas and inspires wonder, reflection, and even the opportunity for transformation or a personal awakening. A true bibliophile considers himself or herself a steward of knowledge or great stories that must be preserved for a future generation. Like an overprotective parent, the bibliophile attempts to guard his or her children, as it were, from the dangers of the world, the barbarians who cannot see the value of a book beyond a commodity composed of ink, paper, and glue. Every book lover has witnessed individuals who do not handle books properly — evoking annoyance, or in some cases, horror. So what are some of the things that people do that really annoy booklovers? Here is a list of some book lover pet peeves:

Licking a finger to turn the page of a book.

Crack the spine of a book as soon as they get it so that “it will be easier to read.”

Writing one’s name on the text block (or fore edges) of a book.

Throwing away the dust jacket of a book because it is regarded as nonessential or the belief that “it’s going to get damaged anyway.”

Eating while reading a book, oblivious to the crumbs and spills that end up in the pages of the book.

Using a book as a doorstop.

Tearing a page out of a book because it is needed for easy reference.

Purchasing random books (known as purchasing books by the feet) to decorate a room.

Handling a book with dirty hands.

Using regular tape to mend a torn dust jacket. (Purists know that you should only use a product like Filmoplast).

Using a book as a coaster.

Highlighting a book with markers — especially when passages are highlighted indiscriminately.

Writing long gift inscriptions on the end papers or flyleafs, especially if pen uses ink that soaks bleeds through the paper.

Borrowing a book and losing it — or worse returning it completely dirty, with the insufficient excuse “Oh yeah, I spilled my lunch on the book one day, but I wiped it off for you.”

Clipping the price off the dust jacket.

Reading a book on the toilet.

Using a book to level a piece of furniture.

Writing notes in the margins.

Dog-earring pages of a book; even worse, folding an entire page over.

Leaving books in a bathroom for guests to enjoy.

Using a book as a plant coaster.

Reading a paperback by folding the cover all the way back to touch the back cover.

Write your name on the cover or back cover of a book (or both).

Reading a book while taking a bath.

Decorating a book with stickers.

Using books to raise the height of a computer.

Using a thick pen or marker as bookmark, and then closing the book and pressing on the cover to flatten the bulging book.

Reading a book while eating anything that drips, like a popsicle or ice cream cone.

What are some other things that book lover find annoying?

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