What Type of Book Lover Are You?

alex atkins bookshelf booksDo you carry a book or ereader wherever you go? Ever find yourself chugging coffee at work in an effort to stay awake after a late night with a book that captured your interest? Are there piles of books around your house? Are you lured to every bookstore you see like a siren’s call? If any of these sound familiar, then you are probably a bibliophile — or depending on your preference, a book addict, book lover, bookworm, bibliomaniac, or bibliolater. Those last two sound kind of creepy, and come to think of it, some book collectors can be. But we digress… So if you’re a book lover, what type of book lover are you?

According to Jo Hoare, author of So You Think You’re a Bookworm?, there are 20 types of book lovers. Here are some of the key types of bookworms that she identifies:

Binger: reads an entire series (eg, Harry Potter)

Clubber: read books promoted by book clubs (eg, Oprah’s Book Club)

Adulterer: cannot commit to reading one book at a time

Book thief: borrows books but never returns them

Cryer: reads books about profound sadness, hardships, cruelty, etc. that induce crying

Scholar: not only reads but really studies the book

Non-finisher: cannot commit to finishing a book

Faker: hasn’t read the book but tells others that he or she has read the book

What other types of book lovers should we add to this list?

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