I Read in Order to Live, More Deeply, More Fully

alex atkins bookshelf quotations

As a writer of stories, I am always reaching toward that moment when a reader will say, ‘But I though I was the only one who ever felt that, thought that, wanted that.’ As a reader of stories, I search for that same experience, the moment when I will discover, yet again, the universal in the personal, the core of shared humanity beneath by isolation… I read in order to live, more deeply, more fully, and with a more certain alliance with this human world.”

From the essay “A More Certain Alliance” by American author Marion Dana Bauer that is included in The Most Wonderful Books: Writers on Discovering the Pleasures of Reading (1997) edited by Michael Dorris and Emilie Buchwald. Bauer is an award-winning author of more than 100 books for young people. She won an American Library Association Newbery Honor Award in 1987 for On My Honor, a middle grade coming-of-age story.

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