New Book: Serendipitous Discoveries From the Bookshelf, Hardcover Edition

alex atkins book coverMy first book, Serendipitous Discoveries from the Bookshelf, is now available in hardcover. It is the perfect gift for a booklover, literature aficionado, word lover, student, teacher, or writer. Serendipitous Discoveries from the Bookshelf was written and designed by a bibliophile for bibliophiles. It is a beautifully designed and eloquent homage to books, reading, and lifelong learning. The book presents over 100 thoughtful and witty essays filled with fascinating insights, inspiring passages and parables, eloquent quotes about books and reading, valuable life lessons, fascinating rare English words, and arcane literary facts. I take the reader on a captivating and inspiring guided tour ā€” through the world of books, literature, words, phrases, wisdom, education, quotations, movies, music, and trivia ā€” to share fascinating serendipitous discoveries from years of book collecting, reading, and research to inspire critical thinking and lifelong learning. I hope you take a moment to browse the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon and consider purchasing it for yourself or as a gift for a book lover in your life. If you purchase it, please accept my deepest gratitude for choosing my book and supporting my labor of love. And please drop me a note and share your thoughts about the book. The book can be ordered here.

look inside serendipitous discoveries