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Atkins Bookshelf  explores the world of ideas — through books, literature, words, quotations, movies, and music — for the intellectually curious. The goal of Atkins Bookshelf  is to educate, entertain, and inspire. The blog, in turn, is inspired by two aphorisms: “the unexamined life is not worth living” and “be inspired, to inspire.” At the heart of Atkins Bookshelf  is a lifelong passion for learning and books. Much of the inspiration and research comes from a personal library of more than 10,000 books (and counting), meticulously collected over several decades, driven by an insatiable curiosity and fascination with the world. Atkins Bookshelf is a labor of love and is supported by your donations (see below).

NOW AVAILABLE: If you love the blog, you will love the book — Serendipitous Discoveries from the Bookshelf. More than 100 essays in 400+ pages, including eloquent quotes about literature, reading, and books; inspiring parables and life life lessons; and filled with witty and insightful observations.

Alexander Atkins is president of Alexander Atkins Design, Inc. (AAD), a graphic design firm, serving nonprofits, universities, and schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. AAD designs annual reports, logos, websites, magazines, newsletters, and book covers. To learn more about AAD, please visit  www.alexatkinsdesign.com or send an email to alex[at]alexatkinsdesign.com.

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