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We’re All Looking for Connection

alex atkins bookshelf quotations“I’m [an addiction] specialist in that I’ve experimented on myself quite ruthlessly and quite extensively [but] not in laboratory conditions. More’s the pity — I could have done with someone in a lab coat to give me a cuddle. And a petri dish would have been useful! But what I do agree with is that these are times where we live on the outside. External phenomena has stimulated us to a ludicrous degree and the addiction is just the amplification of consumerism. If you constantly broadcast at people that they ought to be afraid; if you constantly broadcast that they ain’t good enough, and that they can purchase somehow externally the feeling of well-being then addiction… is a natural conclusion of this phenomena.

For me the only drug that I’m interested in is the drug that we are pursuing in the first place — the drug of connection, of unity, of love. For me all these things are placebos — every drug, every commodity is just a placeholder on the way; false idols, as we seek out some kind of true connection in whatever time, denomination, in whatever language — whether it’s agnostically, atheisticly, or religiously. We’re all looking for connection.”

Russell Brand, English comedian, actor, and author, discussing his most recent book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions, on Real Time with Bill Maher (October 6, 2017). In many interviews, Brand has admitted his many addictions to hard drugs, alcohol, sex, caffeine, food, and fame. Indeed, he is an addiction specialist.


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