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Most Annoying Business Phrases

alex atkins bookshelf phrasesFed up with office jargon, corporate buzzwords, or management speak (call it what you want; however these are all euphemisms for “bullshit”), the folks at Londonoffices.com conducted a survey to finally expose the most annoying office phrases. In an interview with the Daily Mail, a spokesperson discussed the problem: “There’s so much overuse of clichéd jargon and management speak used around offices now that it’s almost beyond parody.” Amen to that. One survey respondent expressed what so many people think: “I overhear colleagues using some of these phrases because they think it makes them sound clever and important, but mostly they haven’t got a clue what they’re on about.” If you think the problem is bad in Great Britain, it’s ten times worse in Silicon Valley, where “tech talk” is mixed with corporate buzzwords. Hashtag eye-rolling. So businesspeople — let’s get on the same page: stop using these 50 annoying business phrases. It’s a no-brainer!

1. Blue-sky thinking
2. Idea shower
3. To ‘action’ a project
4. Going forward
5. Brainstorm
6. Getting the ball rolling
7. Drill down
8. Out of the loop
9. Thinking outside the box
10. Touch base
11. Singing from the same hymn-sheet
12. Circle back
13. Strategic fit
14. Bottom line
15. Low hanging fruit
16. Win-win
17. Play hardball
18. Best practice
19. On my radar
20. Bench mark
21. Value added
22. To run an idea up the flagpole
23. Results driven
24. Revert
25. Game-plan
26. Hit the ground running
27. Customer centric
28. No ‘i’ in team
29. Back to the drawing-board
30. Re-inventing the wheel
31. Dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s
32. Action plan
33. Bells and whistles
34. Moving the goalposts
35. Back of the net
36. On the same page
37. Open door policy
38. To ‘ping’ an email
39. Kick a project into the long grass
40. Joined up thinking
41. Pick up and run with it
42. Streamline
43. Close of play
44. To take an idea or project ‘off piste’
45. Level playing field
46. Quick win
47. In the driving seat
48. No brainer
49. To ‘park’ a project
50. ASAP

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For further reading: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4563616/The-50-irritating-office-jargon-terms.html

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