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Words for Book Lovers

atkins bookshelf wordsMany book lovers are also word lovers. Or expressed another way, most bibliolaters are also epeolatrists. Here are some delicious words that bibliophilists and logolepts can savor:

abibliophobia: the fear of running out of things to read

bibliolater: a person who loves books

bibliolatry: the love of books; book worship

biblet: a book or library

bibliobibuli: someone who reads too much

bibliosmia: the aroma of a book; the act of smelling books

bibliophagist: a voracious reader

bibliophilist: a book lover

bibliotecha: a list of books in a catalog

book-bosomed: a person who always carries a book

bookman: a person who loves books or reading

epeolater: a person who loves words

epeolatry: worship of words

fascicle: a volume; one of a number of books forming a set or series

finifugal: dislikes endings; someone who avoids reading the end of a novel

incunabulum: a book printed before the year 1500

introuvable: a holy grail book; a book that cannot be found

librocubicultarist: a person who reads in bed

logolept: a person who is very interested in words; person obsessed with words

logolepsy: a fascination or obsession with words

omnilegent: having read everything; characterized by encyclopedic reading

princeps: a first edition of a book

rarissima: an extremely rare book or manuscript

scripturient: an author; a person who has a passion for writing

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There’s a Word for That: Abibliophobia

atkins-bookshelf-wordsDefinition: the fear of running out of things to read

Etymology: Formed from the Greek prefix a (meaning “not”), the Greek root biblio (meaning ” of or pertaining to books”), and the Greek root phobia (meaning “fear”).

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Ironically the term was coined on the internet — an endless supply or reading material — in the late 1990s.

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