Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of 2012

With more than 4.1 million articles in the English version of Wikipedia, there is certainly a mountain of content to explore. But in 2012 the most popular articles were on Facebook, wiki, and movies and one book. Some search engine experts believe that the high number of Facebook views is a result of users typing “Facebook” into an integrated search engine expecting to go directly to Facebook but end up accidentally at the Wikipedia site. One interesting trend is internet users’ preference for wikipedia, rather than IMDB or other cinefile sites, for movie information.

1. Facebook (32,647,942 views)
2. Wiki (29,613,759)
3. Deaths in 2012 (25,418,587)
4. One Direction (22,351,637)
5. The Avengers – 2012 film (22,268,644)
6. Fifty Shades of Grey (21,779,423)
7. 2012 phenomenon (20,619,920)
8. The Dark Knight Rises (18,882,885)
9. Google (18,508,719)
10. The Hunger Games (18,431,626)

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